lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2015

The "Compass" at the Global Urban Innovators

The "Compass" has been introduced at the Global Urban Innovators initiative with the purpose to help slum communities to find their way to upgrade their living conditions working together with local governments. To know more about this initiative please visit

Provide technical assistance and follow up to governmental and non governmental organizations working on slum upgrading and prevention to develop their projects incorporating participation, self-organization and evaluation of intervention plan and projects.. A step by step process of diagnosis and proposals help to create key information guiding decision making, of public policies focus on progressive human right fullfilment. Such diagnosis and development of plans combining public works, pro-poor regulations and self-organization of vulnerable communities interact with local governments in a positive and constructive environment for development, enabling communities to claim for their rights with technically sound and realistic urban and habitat development strategies. After agreeing communities and local government on the diagnosis and best habitat development plan an specialized team carry out participatory design and construction, with several evaluation of achievement using the "compass" to measure progres in terms of specific rights: Adequate housing, access to water and sanitation, affordable transport, income, freedom, education, health, etc. Such systematic evaluation helps local governments to re-orientate policies when they are not being effective to achieve concrete results. The whole process of participatory territorial planning is scaled up from secific neighborhoods where the "compass" has been applied to a city wide strategy matching humn right criteria as foundation for sustainable development, with components of economic efficiency and environmental protection. In several project protecting westland from urbanization and setting up micro-business industrial parks have been strategic move introduced in urban planning codes of peri-urban municipalities resulting of applying human right approaches to habitat development plans. The "Compass" constitutes a way forward to move from assistencialist response to the challenge of urban poverty and slums towards human dignity and sustainable development through community self organization and planning.

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